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Botanic Garden Meise

Bouchout Domain, Nieuwelaan 38

1860 Meise

Tel: ++32 2 260 09 20 | Fax: ++32 2 260 09 45

Direction contact
Supporting Services including Direction Secretariat, Accountance, Human Recources, Maintenance, Security, Ticketing, Legal personality, Trade, Technical service, ICT, Electron microscope, Health and Safety and Environment coordinator contact
The Department of Bryophytes and Thallophytes (BT) including the herbarium of non-vascular Cryptogams contact
The Department of Vascular plants, Spermatophytes and Pteridophytes (SP) including the Herbarium contact
Section Living Plant Collections including Seed Bank contact
Section Library and Archives contact
Section Museology and Education including Public Relations contact
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